Zodiac signs are a fun and interesting way to learn new things about yourself and do not have to be taken too seriously. You might find things that are true within your zodiac sign or other things that you find completely false but they are always fun to read. The next zodiac sign is Gemini, people born between May 21st and June 20th. It falls into the category of the element of air like Libra and Aquarius. Making them intelligent and quick thinkers.  Gemini is also ruled by the planet Mercury, this planet represents communication, writing which is another trait for Geminis. Geminis symbol is also twins, meaning they almost have two different personalities to them.

Some other personality traits to the Gemini is they tend to be artistic and adventurous due to their ever changing mind. Geminis tend to like music, books, magazines, anything where they can express their creativity. Their strengths also usually tend to lie  in their gentleness, curiosity, adaptability, and their ability to learn quickly and exchange ideas. However, their weaknesses tend to be nervousness and tend to be inconsistent and indecisive.

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