Zodiac signs is a fun way to maybe discover something new about yourself and see if your zodiac sign relates to you or not. Zodiacs are not a scientific way to distinguish one but rather a fun hobby people like to read about. Most strongly believe that there is no truth to them at all but even if those are your opinions, they are still an interesting read.

This zodiac that were taking about is the a Scorpio, which are people born between October 23 – November 21. This sign also belongs to the water element much like Cancer and Pisces. This means that they are really in touch with their feelings and tend to be a little more sensitive when it comes to a lot of things. The planet that rules this sign is Pluto. Pluto being the planet for transformation and regeneration, also meaning that Scorpios, who are ruled by this plant, tend to be calmer and more in tune to everything going on around them.

Some of the Scorpios characteristic is that they are resourceful, brave, passionate, stubborn, a true friend. They also tend to make great leader and always strive to find the truth in something and will do their research until they do so. However, some of their weakness fall because they can be distrusting, jealous, secretive or even violent at times, since they are so emotional they tend to have a hard time hiding their emotions. Some things this sign do like are the truth, facts, being right, longtime friends, teasing, a grand passion, and some of their dislikes being dishonesty, revealing secrets and also passive people who can say whats on their mind.

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