Ethical Prisons

Today’s American prison system is heavily flawed, especially what’s happening inside the prison. Cells are small and bland, food is known to have maggots in them and there is no positive social engagement. This leads to more repeat offenders because they become so unprepared for the outside world.

In Germany’s prison system there are activities like art, yoga, cooking classes, and organized sports. On good behavior they get weekend leaves and they get their own clothes and rooms which gives them their own identity. The whole point of German prisons is to rehabilitate them and prepare them for society again, they get counselors and jobs, unlike American prison system which is just to punish them. Germany believe that it’s punishment enough that they are taken away from their family and job and the outside world. Also, unlike American prisoners you’re not striped away from your rights like to vote, and have any job you want and any house you want.

All these extra activities in prisons are probably assumed that German prisons might cost more but that’s actually not the case. Germany believes that there are many alternatives to prisons, like community service, fines, and prohibition, and become of that a lot these people are in the jail system.

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