Perceiving Reality

The modern world today is always changing, with vast choices of social media, exploitation of others on news stations and media outlets, places across the globe that we know is struggling but somehow not talked about, all these things show ways of a changing society or rather, reality. It hard to differ from reality and what we learn from our news stations and articles online, which is one of the only places to get somewhat reliable resources in today’s world, but they’re aren’t always true. Everything we see in the news can be so negative, whether it’s from out new president or the conflictions with muslims and the Middle eastern countries, or Russia or North Korea. It can be devastating to see these things every morning before work, school, or just going about your daily life, a famous quote said by Socrates, “What we are told dicates the way we perceive the world,” which is very much relevant and true in today’s society. Today’s world is filled with such negativity that’s it’s hard to look at the positives. One thing on the news can change your whole mood for the day.

It doesn’t have to only be the news though, the people you surround yourself with friends, family, teachers, or even the people you idol can change your whole perspective on reality either it positively or negatively. We as people attach to other people, we relate to them by sharing the same views or morals or ambitions or even hobbies. We surround ourself by the people we enjoy, but that can sometimes not be the case. We can have negative people in our life who can be harmful so our own well being, that alone can give us a very negative outlook on the world. With all negative outlook on media, or negative people that can really dictate how we view the world or reality as a whole. A lot of things can easily be put into our head that can change our heart and soul and personality.

~ by mmw1030 on April 30, 2019.

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