Zodiac signs is a fun way to maybe discover something new about yourself and see if your zodiac sign relates to you or not. Zodiacs are not a scientific way to distinguish one but rather a fun hobby people like to read about. Most strongly believe that there is no truth to them at all but even if those are your opinions, they are still an interesting read.

The sign born from March 21st to April 19th is an Aries. Some random facts about an Aries besides from personality traits is that their symbol is a ram (usually meaning they can be hard headed) and they also belong to the element of fire like Leo and Sagittarius. Fire signs usually mean they have big personalities and like to live larger than life itself, these signs can also be seen as very creative. Aries ruler plant is Mars. A ruler planet is another way to distinguish the signs personality traits. Being that Aries ruler planet is Mars, means that Aries tend to be confident and be self-asserted and also aggressive in nature.

Aries are mainly seen as hard headed and moody and impatient but their strengths truly are confidence, passionate, optimistic and honest. Which can make them a hard person to get along with because of their brutal honesty. Making them best compatible with a Leo or Libra to balance them out. Their likes are taking on leadership roles and they tend to like to be physically active so sports are something Aries people tend to lean to. Some of their dislikes however are waiting and criticism because they believe they truly do it best in their own way.

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